Beer Garden Operating Procedures

From Monday 6th July we will be opening our beer garden from 4pm until 9pm daily (weather dependant).  We will continue to operate a takeaway service and you will be more than welcome to eat your takeaway outside.

Please be aware that we have a one-way system in place and that we are unable to allow anyone into the building apart from to order, collect food and drinks and use the toilets.  Please respect the 2 metre social distancing rule at all times. – please sanitise your hands when you do enter and ensure only one member of the party comes in to place food and drink orders.

Please do not move the furniture as it is adhering to the social distancing rules.  We are unable to offer tables for more than a party of 8.   We have setup a ‘clearing’ table to remove your empty glasses to and bins for takeaway containers etc.  There is also hand sanitiser and spray sanitiser for tables there.

We have menus on each table, please come inside to place your order and wait for your drinks to be made.

We will give you a time to return to collect your food.  If there are many people waiting ahead of you when you return, please make the waiting staff aware of your presence and they will give you your food as promptly as possible.

We must take a note of names and numbers of all customers in case we are required to produce it for ‘Track and Trace’ purposes.

We are obliged to remind customers:

  • If you are showing symptoms of Covid-19, please do not enter the premises.
  • The police and local authorities have the powers to enforce requirements in relation to social distancing and may instruct customers to disperse, leave an area, issue a fixed penalty notice or to take further enforcement action where necessary. Please remember we have neighbours!
  • Please stay in your own household group, observing physical distancing guidelines at all times.
  • Catch coughs and sneezes in a tissue and dispose of immediately then wash your hands. If an individual does not have a tissue to hand, they should sneeze into the crook of their elbow.
  • Exercise caution if crowds are gathering at any bottleneck points – this should not happen but be mindful that crowds cause a higher risk of transmission
  • Be prepared to show ID for age-restricted purchases and possible removal of face coverings if requested.

If the predictably unreliable Scottish weather changes, we are unable to allow customers to move inside.

This is a very new way of working for us and as we have to have less staff on duty, please be kind and patient with them, they are nervous and as always, doing their best!

Thank you for your custom and support.