£2.20 per 25ml


A great standard everyday gin made better with fresh lemon or lime and Fever Tree tonic
£2.20 per 25ml

Bombay Sapphire

Our house gin – A floral bouquet with plenty of flavour that combines 10 botanicals. We serve in a lovely goblet glass with plenty of ice and either lemon or lime and Fever Tree Original.
£3.00 for 25ml

The Botanist – From Islay

A classy gin made by expert distillers. We love it. Our friend Mark Williams taught them how to forage for their 22 botanicals. We serve it over ice with a sprig of Rosemary and Fever Tree Original
£3.20 per 25ml


The much-loved favourite premium gin. An infusion of Bulgaria Served with a slice of cucumber, Hendricks helped reboot a nation’s love of gin with its unusual garnishes helping to enhance the uniqueness of each gin. Love Hendricks? Make sure you have it with Fever Tree Tonic, it makes all the difference.
£3.20 per 25ml


This unassuming gin won us over a few years back at the Good Food Show. It has since won a couple of World Gold Taste awards so it doesn’t just have our recommendation! We love it with pink grapefruit and Fever Tree Original
£3.00 per 25ml


This summer favourite has notes of sweet honeysuckle and camomile. We love it served with Frozen Strawberries and Fever Tree Elderflower
£3.80 per 25ml


Scots for ‘poet’ or ‘bard’ is Glasgow’s first Gin in over 110 years and as the name suggests it’s super smooth on the tongue. Its juniper lead flavour gives it a real ‘gin’ taste. Combined with vermouth it makes the perfect Martini
£5.00 per 25ml


One for the purists, super dry with a big ‘alcohol’ nose great for getting your gastronomic juices flowing and the perfect aperitif. Best served with an olive as a Martini
£5.00 per 25ml

Eden Love

Served with frozen raspberries and Elderflower Fever Tree this is a true summery delight. No romance required, treat yourself and friends: you won’t be disappointed
£5.00 per 25ml

Eden Hop

Blending brewery flavours into the distillation process. The Australian galaxy hops add grassy citrus notes which work surprisingly well with the more traditional botanicals. Great with a twist of Lemon with or without Fever Tree Original
£5.00 per 25ml

Eden Golf

With their distillery based in St. Andrews there had to be a golf inspired member of the Eden range! Light, citrusy, silky smooth and refreshing, the perfect treat after a good round or a long walk on a sunny day! We love it with orange zest and Fever Tree Light
£5.00 per 25ml

Eden Oak

As the name suggests this warm, rustic gin is matured in Oak casks adding spiciness and vanilla. One for the connoisseur, this is ideal either neat or with a cinnamon garnish.

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